About Us

The New Way to Book Your Tour & Charter Trip Purchase Your One-Way and Round-Trip Ticket Reserve Your Seat To Work Get Alerts on Road or Weather Conditions Ensure That Your Passengers Are Safe

iPassenger©© is United States Transit Funding, Inc.'s featured mobile application platform and product for the transit, transportation and travel agency business sector that aids
public and private companies and agencies to achieve a number of business goals.

Who We Are

United States Transit Funding, Inc. is the home of the Product Development, Testing, Customization and Implementation for the ePassenger©© and iPassenger©© Product Line.

As a part of our mission to the passenger transportation and transit industry, United States Transit Funding, Inc. delivers an end-to-end solution through all of its products and services so that your revenues and profits increase.

With more than 20 years experience in the passenger transportation and transit industry, there is no one that understands both Internet and Mobile Technology that also has the background, experience and success that it has had with more than 250 passenger transportation and transit companies throughout the United States.

Our History