iPassenger© Mobile Application Platform for Android, Apple and Windows

iPassenger© - The Ultimate
Mobile Application Platform,
eTicketing & eCommerce Product and
eMarketing Product for the
Transit, Passenger Transportation & Tourism Marketplace

iPassenger© Features

ePassenger© Clientele

All ePassenger© Clients Also Receive a Customized Mobile Application As a Part of Their Purchase.

Mobile Transactions, SMS and & ITS Integration

As a part of your iPassenger© Product, All Of Your Customers, Through Handheld or Tablet Devices, Will Be Able to Receive Updated Trip and Scheduling Information On Any Of Your Transportation and Transit Services.

iPassenger© Is Committed to Passenger & Public Safety

In Concert with our Professional Services, iPassenger© is Able to Receive and Disseminate Timely and Accurate Information including weather, road and law enforcement information in your market and for your customers.

Multiple Mobile Application Platforms

iPassenger© Is Available in Any Current Mobile Platform – Android – Windows – Apple.

Social and Media Online Marketing

As a part of our commitment to increasing revenue and profits, iPassenger© Customers are also able to send information regarding daily specials in order to attract new customers.

Secure & Robust Credit Card Processing

All iPassenger© customers are able to book with your company through encrypted and secure servers while protecting their privacy.